Banking & Insurance

Conseil & Audit will assist you during every stage of your finance function (banking activities) transformation projects by focusing on value added solutions, cooperation with other areas of the finance department and integration in key banking processes..

With a strong and experienced team we delivers services that address all your concerns:

  • Adapting your organization
  • Developing and producing reports
  • Transforming IT systems

Conseil & Audit supports you in tackling all current and future challenges in accounting, finance and auditing. The firm focuses on close relationships, listening to your expectations and providing you with a team of vastly experienced professionals in order to deliver a customized performance that meets your needs.

Thanks to a strong and experienced team, we deliver services that address all the concerns of accounting and financial departments and insurance sector auditing such as :

  • Optimization of closing times and implementation of reports (Solvency II – Pillar III)
  • Structuring and strengthening internal auditing (Solvency II – Pillar III)
  • Developing reporting (French GAAP and IFRS)
  • Ad hoc support for accounting/consolidation teams


Conseil & Audit is committed to providing you with real added value by analysing the impact of various issues on your business.

Our teams work closely with you to tackle you the challenges you are faced with in terms of Auditing, Consulting, Tax and Legal. Our consultants are able to understand the specifics of every business model’s unique financial information.

Our teams particularly support you in the following areas:

  • Reliability, security and process efficiency
  • Improvement of consolidation process
  • Reliability of published financial information (French GAAP/IFRS standards)
  • Optimization of cash management processes and assessment of centralization opportunities

Energy & Utilities

Conseil & Audit s is committed to providing solutions to meet your expectations.

We take an active role in energy & utilities : water, gas and electricity production and distribution, digital development, heat/refrigeration distribution networks, energy performance contracting.
With public authorities and private partners, our team, specialized in finance, accounting and tax, deals with the exhaustion of natural resources and impact of human activities on environmental problems.


Conseil & Audit analyze your problems and requirements to be able to offer the best solutions.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industrial sector, we are committed to providing you with real added value by analyzing the impact of various issues on your business.

Our teams work closely with you to tackle the challenges you are faced with in terms of Auditing, Consulting, Tax and Legal.

Our consultants have a clear understanding of the financial and organisational impact of the entire industrial production process and assist our clients with important developments in the sector

Our teams particularly support you in the following areas:

  • Introduction of industrial performance indicators
  • Support in defining and rolling out performance improvement projects (reducing your operating costs, improving the operational efficiency of your closing processes and producing your reports)
  • Review and reinforcement of internal control (investments, production, inventory management…)
  • Optimization of closing deadlines

Real estate

Conseil & Audit takes an active role in real estate projects.

we have a cross-sectoral expertise with significant experience in financial reporting, accounting and tax advisory. Our clients benefit also from our administrative management, domiciliation services, financial modelling as well as nominee director services.

We bring a complete and integrated management solution for companies investing in real estate.

Conseil & Audit assist you in your growth operations and offer you its know-how in terms of external growth.


Conseil & Audit is committed to analyzing the impact of your business issues and actively participating in the growth of your business by bringing its sector expertise.
Its teams have a strong expertise in the United States vineyard (three tier system) and in France.

We have a cross-sectoral expertise to meet your expectations:

  • Valuation of a target during an acquisition
  • Implementation of inventory tracking tools
  • Search for export opportunities


Conseil & Audit has experience in Audio-visual and more especially in cinema,

We handle different type of engagement: statutory and contractual audit, accounting an financial management, audit and certificate of movie’s budget…Its dedicated team specialized in Audio-visual is highly regarded with producers, great distributors and other specialists.

Nonprofits & Foundations

Conseil & Audit has experience in the voluntary sector and foundations.
Confronted with profound social changes, the public sector continues its path of transformation and modernization

Conseil & Audit has occasion to support public institutions in placing performance and user transparency at the heart of their strategy. We offer them tailored financial assistance adapted to their public sector financial structuring requirements and their evolution in response to the economic, financial and regulatory environment.
We are involved in many areas: office buildings, hospitals, transport, energy, digital developments and all forms of structuring and entities: PPPs, DSPs, SPLs, SEMOPs and associations… both at their development stage and subsequently.

Our teams support you on the following topics:

  • Implementation of dashboards
  • Nonprofit business Audit
  • Support for public registration