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We carry out our statutory audit assignments under the rules of the H3C (Haut Conseil du Commissariat aux Comptes) auditing oversight body and in compliance with all regulatory requirements, in particular as regards quality control for our work and ongoing technical training for our partners and staff.

We work with large groups, small and medium-sized companies and the non-profit sector.

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Our due diligence capabilities include, for example:

  • Accounting and financial due diligence (acquisition audits and vendor due diligence)

  • The application of IFRS and accounting standards:
    – Allocation of acquisition costs
    – Impairment testing (implementation and review)
    – Valuation of optional elements (IFRS 2)

  • Assistance with drafting or reviewing business plans

  • Business and financial analysis in the context of disputes or analysis procedures relating to the economic justification of redundancy schemes

  • Assistance for the signature of profit-sharing agreements

  • Review of internal control, fraud investigation, prevention and detection


Petit déjeuner Finance

Conseil & Audit organise tous les premiers jeudis du mois un petit déjeuner animé par un associé, commissaire aux comptes et expert-comptable, consacré aux évolutions des normes comptables avec un zoom sur les quelques mesures impactant le quotidien des entrepreneurs.

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